• Job Summary

    The cybersecurity assurance analyst role will be primarily responsible for ensuring the detection cases programmed in the SIEM are functioning as designed. The analyst serving this role will be responsible for manually replicating user and system activity, as well as detonating automated test objects, and documenting the test results. Finally, the analyst will be responsible for determining the root cause for any testing failures and documenting the remediation work required to resolve the issue.

    Job Requirements

    A successful candidate will have a very firm technical understanding of operating system functions and internetworking. The best candidates will most likely have had former roles as system or network admins/engineers. Additionally, they should have a foundational understanding of SIEM applications.

    A successful candidate will also have proven experience working autonomously, with the ability to clearly communicate their findings.

    Job Preferences

    The following list of preferred qualities is listed in order from most desirable to least desirable.

    ·        Hands-On Splunk experience and knowledge of SPL

    ·        Experience programming with scripting languages such as PowerShell and Python

    ·        Previous experience in an operational information security team