↑ Teamlead
→Mechanical Engineer, Machine Father, Material Handler, Install & Upgrade Coordinator

Position purpose
Perform mechanical install, de-install, upgrade and retrofit actions on EUV products in ASML and at the
end customer.

TRUMPF is a high-tech company offering manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools, laser
technology and electronics. In Veldhoven the TRUMPF Service department is directly located at the
customer ASML. TRUMPF is delivering laser systems, an essential submodule of ASML EUV lithography
systems, and is responsible for the installation, commissioning, final testing and the service for these

Mechanical install
• Mechanically building components to complete drive laser systems in a cleanroom environment.
• Consulting procedures and executing the install according these procedures, received from the
Machine Father.
• Installing mechanic, pneumatic and electric components according schematics, documentation and
• Looking for and finding possible solutions in case of problems, individually, with the team or in
cooperation with Machine Father.
• Reporting problems and daily progress to Machine Father.
• Carefully de-installing the drive laser system for shipment towards the end customer.
• Installing the system on site at the end customer, acting a machine specialist.
• Working together with external partners at the customers location to streamline the system’s installation
• Measuring and examining (partly) installed systems, using complex measuring equipment.
• Upgrading existing systems to the latest version.
• Coaching and instructing less experienced engineers on performing the same tasks.
Product development
• Proposing possible product changes to simplify the installation, increase efficiency or to increase
service possibilities.
• Reporting product improvements in additional documents.
• Giving feedback on received procedures.
• Timely reporting of hours worked and provided work in SIS
• Correcting documentation and giving feedback to the respective department.

• MBO level
• Knowledge of machine building
• Knowledge of installation techniques
• Technical knowledge of TRUMPF products
• Technical understanding of driver laser systems
• Knowledge of the English language