Role Purpose

The person, with experience of at least 5 years in demand and delivery management, will have a reference position in the Delivery Management unit for all activities related to applications supporting business processes (ICT).
Your activity, performed reporting to the Application Officer, and collaborating with line colleagues in charge of executing the applications themselves.

Role Responsibilities

– Manage and prioritize application evolution requests.

– Collaborate with business colleagues to manage the prioritization of requests, coordinate user testing prior to production deployment, and generally ensure expectations are met both in terms of timing and functionality.

– Plan and manage project initiatives

– Overseeing the activities of system integrators, both by certifying technical analysis and by monitoring and ensuring software timing and quality.

– Interacting with operations colleagues to take charge of evolutionary interventions aimed at remedying problems present in production, as well as transferring knowledge on new requirements that will go into production.

– Coordinating the activities of the various system integrators, both to coordinate developments ensuring that they are compatible with each other, as well as to coordinate the integrated testing and production release phases

Requirements and professional skills required:
– Teamwork and leadership skills.
– Knowledge of processes related to the utilities world, as well as energy management related              mainly to the renewable sector.
– Demand and project management skills
– Ability to manage priorities
– Excellent communication skills.
– Excellent knowledge of English, as part of the interview will be conducted in that language.
– Availability to travel in Italy and abroad.
– Degree/diploma in scientific subjects (Engineering, mathematics, physics,…)