Descripción del puesto:

  • You will be working within a team with developers, product and delivery owners, taking ownership of different products end to end and with agile methodologies and devops approach.
  • As a cloud data engineer you develop innovative data-driven digital products in a cloud-native setup on AWS.
  • You combine state-of-the-art data-processing, analytics and AI technology to innovative solutions (e.g., kinesis, EMR, Glue, lambda, etc.).
  • You have a leading role in the team for processing and analyzing a huge amount of real-time IoT data.
  • As part of the development team you develop and run digital services with a focus on data-driven solutions.
  • As part of the development team you follow the DevOps culture: «you build, you run it»


  • Solid background in computer science
  • Experience with cloud-native software development on AWS
  • Experience with cloud-native data-processing, analytics and AI technology on AWS
  • Passionate about technology, thinking out-of-the-box and an agile mindset
  • Knowledge of tools as kinesis, EMR, Glue, lambda, etc.
  • Team worker