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We are a team of specialized consultants with many years of experience in the search and selection of senior, mid-senior, and junior engineering positions worldwide. Engineers Sourcing is the support needed for companies.

Our team is equipped with both inter-personal and technical skills necessary for the sector and, posses knowledge of different types and phases of engineering projects.

Always achieving the suitable choice for our clients.

Always making the best choice for our customers.

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals


Leonor Ldt.


Julia Taviel de Andrade Nieto

SR Headhunter

Fátima Mª Delgado

SR Headhunter


Pablo Martín

SR Headhunter

We select high and medium positions, from technical profiles to senior management profiles.

Engineering Profiles

  • Processes
  • Calcutlists
  • Mounts (Mechanical and Chemical)
  • PEM
  • Civiles
  • El&C
  • Environment
  • Planners
  • Estimators Costs
  • Material controller
  • Offshore
  • Leading start-up
  • Construction superintendents
  • Supervisors
  • Technical Piping
  • Mechanical Technicians
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Civil Technicians
  • CM
  • Business Development
  • Pipes
  • Mechanical
  • Civil 
  • Electric
  • I&C

Computer Profiles

  • Junior Programmer
  • Senior Programmer
  • Technical Programmer Analyst
  • Functional Programmer Analyst
  • Professional Programmer Analyst
  • Team Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Microcomputing Technician
  • Technical
  • Systems
  • System Manager
  • Network Manager
  • Administrator Database
  • System Manage
  • Network Design
  •  Analyst Consultant
  • Programmer
  • Consultant Technical Analyst
  • Consultant Functional Analyst
  • Consultant JR
  • Consultant SR
  • SAP Consultant
  • CRM Consultant

Telecommunication Profiles

  • Programmer 
  • Server Manager
  • Networking/Network Manager
  • Databases
  • Technical Support
  • Management Applications
  • Information Security
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Engineer Pre-sales
  • Infrastructure (network) planning and deployment
  • Design Electronic/Communications Solutions
  • Electronic Design/Planning
  • Performance And Criteria Ram
  • Management of the Work System Deployment
  • Analyst Consultant 
  • Programmer
  • Consultant Technical Analyst
  • Consultant Functional Analyst
  • Consultant JR
  • SR Consultant
  • SAP Consultant
  • CRM Consultant

CEO Leonor Ldt.

Human Resources professional who accumulates extensive and rich experience in the different areas of the Human Resources function: Recruitment, Compensation, Talent Management, Labor Relations, Communication and as a Business Partner.

  • Mastery of new technologies and commercial experience.
  • Social Networks and Networking.
  • Vocation of customer service.
  • Spirit of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Great capacity for analysis and problem solving.
  • Empathetic
  • Strategic vision.
  • Calm in critical situations.
  • Strong professional ethics.
  • English French.
  • Selection of engineering personnel AFRICA -EMEA- LATAM.
  • Process optimization / Market opening / Business Development.

HR Management

Responsible for the entire HR area in a multinational company in the industrial sector.

  • Design and implementation of the management model and HR policies, reception plans, selection, training (annual plan, bonus, etc.) and development (annual evaluations, career plan, etc.).
  • Responsible for the labor relations area (hiring, payroll, time control, flexible remuneration, etc.) and PRL (coordination with the SPA). Management of internal communication and business culture, corporate events. Report to the CEO and partners.
  • Seminars and motivational talks.
  • Executive coaching: one-to-one with managers and / or directors and teams.
  • Individual coaching: individuals who want a coach to accompany them in their process of change and / or professional growth process.
  • Responsible for Motivation: creation of the annual plan and implementation in the different centers.


  • University of Salamanca
    Name of the qualification diploma in labor relations 1997
  • European School of Business Management
    Name of the master’s degree in coaching and talent management
    Study dates or expected graduation date 2011 – 2011
    Graduate Coach Inner Game 2016

Julia Taviel de Andrade Nieto SR Talent Adquisition Engineers

Human Resources talent adquistion with proven experience in
engineering outsourcing company, andtrack record in resource administration, headhunting, recruiting, selection and placement of senior,mid-senior, and junior engineering positions worldwild

Worked with different major leading Clients in renewable energies, and Oil&Gas
Strong interpersonalskills, proactive, high communication and negociation skills, and ability to develop and maintaindurable partnership & relationships.

Sr Talent Adquisition Engineers – Veringer Ingeniería SL

  • Searching, sourcing, evaluating and selecting engineers worldwide.
  • Design of the organization for the correctmanagement of international projects.
  • Application of company policiesand procedures according to local laws and customerneeds.
  • Contribution of the biddingprocesses for the company in human resources matters.
  • Interviews, onboarding, sallaries negociation.
  • Full operational support.

Sr Recruiter Manager Engineers – Teseín Ingeniería SL

  • Searching, sourcing, evaluating and selecting engineers worldwide: Industrial Engineering, IT,Telecommunications.
  • Training (Design,implementation, monitoring and corrective actions).
  • Talent management.
  • Coordination of intern clientwork teams.
  • Briefing.

Hr Deputy Manager – Ideal Education Group

  • Selection /Training/Labor /Development /Administration. Management /Coordination of thedifferentteams at nationaland international level.
  • ERP HR implementation worldwide,training/teamwoks coordination. Budget negotiation withjobsites, public administration, NSS. PRL Bargaining unions-individual /collective-.
  • Expatriation /repatriation plans.Career and compensation plans. Monitoring and review oflabor issues:payroll,flexible remuneration, employmentcontracts, documentationmanagement.
  • Individual and collective dismissals.
  • Ultimately responsible for the selection processes of the company in all phases.
  • Interlocution with Ett’s,Consultants,Headhunters and Job Exchanges(Town Halls,businessschools, universities).
  • Creation /modification updates of the Onboarding Plan. Review of employment contracts fornew hires.
  • Creation and evaluation of jobs profiles. Performance Evaluation- 180º/360º.
  • Update documentation and envolving in internal /external audits, inspections,
  • Comprehensive vision of the company and pertinent steps in everything related to the goodprogress in relation to Human Resources, Selection and Development.
  • Internal profiles, executives, middle managers: IT in all its areas, Marketing, Administration,Finance, Commercial, Seo /Sem /PPC, Course Coucellers, Booking, BD Managers,Developing Managers .

Hr Recuiter Consultant – Grupo Norte

  • Full cycle of own ETT management, openingand maintenance of client portfolio, selection ofcandidates and admi nistrative functions that this entails.
  • Recruitment, selection, contract, Network System,worker monitoring and billing.
  • Analysis,strategy development,talent,training,CSR, communication plans,staffstructuring.Comprehensiv e management through own software ETT- SIGMA
  • Commercial synergies of the different staffs of the company.

Hr Recruiter Consultant – Ananda Gestión ETT

  • Management of jobsites and publication of offers, screening, selection, dynamics, telephone /personal interviews, interviews with the end customer.
  • Profiles: Administration, IT, Commercial,Finance, Marke
    ting,Technological, Biosanitary,Architecture,Engineering (Industrial, Telecommunications, Chemical,IT), R&D,Secretariat,Design(draftsman, interiors, graphic),Tourist agent,Sales, Customer service,Administration ingeneral,all kinds of low-skilled profiles.


  • Semfor Formación
    – Risks Prevention Basic
    – Motivation, Leadership and Coaching
    – C&B Specialist
    – Motivation, Leadership and Coaching
  • Nexian Formación
    – Hiring Contracts Managment
    – Hiring People Managment
  • Adams Formación
    – Staff Managment
    – Payrolls Managment
    – Selection by Competencies
  • Udima, Universidad Madrid
    Blockchain Language Knowledge.
  • Ceinla Formación
    Delegate in LOPD
  • Centro de Estudios Garrigues
    Name of the degree Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources.
    Dates of studies or expected graduation date 2011 – 2016.
  • Universidad de Sevilla
    – Post Graduate Courses in Philosophy
    – Certificate Master in Pedagogical Teaching
    – Gratuate in Philosophy
  • Universitè à Versailles, París
    Graduate in Letters and Literatture

Fátima Mª Delgado SR Headhunter

  • 10 years of experience in Human Resources (HR).
  • Master in Human Resources Management and Direction.
  • Interested in HR Business Partner (HRBP) positions.
  • Geographical mobility in Spain and Europe.
  • Spanish and English.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Flexible and able to cope with changes.

CargoChief Happiness Officer

Service company (selection and temporary work). Selection of work teams (in the different offices), as well as their training, evaluation and monitoring under the tools of coaching and mentoring. Development and implementation of HR procedures (selection, training, administration, etc.). Design and implementation of the training area.

HR Development

  • Responsible for selection and development: selection of personnel (CV screening, telephone and face-to-face interviews, dynamics and role play, tests and reports, CV DB), publication of offers (different portals), promotions (assessment), contact Universities for management of scholarships.
  • Development: performance evaluation and coaching.
  • Training: detection and assessment of needs, design of training actions, creation of manuals and teaching in the classroom.
  • Dates of employment Sept. 2016 – Sept. of 2017.
  • Duration of employment 1 year and 1 month.
  • Location: Madrid and surroundings, Spain.

Human Resources

  • Multidisciplinary consultant oriented to the development of managerial skills as well as professional competence maps.
  • Experience in team and project management, design and implementation of motivation, talent, climate programs, etc.
  • Design and delivery of ad-hoc training programs (detection of training needs, program design, coordination of training plans, etc.).
  • Executive and team coach: experience in people development, change project management.


  • Complutense University of Madrid
    Name of the degree Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources.
    Dates of studies or expected graduation date 2011 – 2016.
  • I.E.S. Clara Del Rey
    Name of the qualification Superior Technician of Commercial Management and Marketing.

Pablo Martín-Headhunter SR

Manager with more than 10 years of general HR experience in international environments. I have led the implementation and managed HR departments in different geographies (Spain, Algeria, Mexico, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates), creating and managing multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. Used to working under pressure, for objectives and making decisions in complex environments. Solid experience in the design, implementation and monitoring of HR policies at an international level.

Leadership – Adaptability – Communication – Multicultural – Negotiation – Results-oriented
Business Partner – International Selection – Global Mobility – HR Policies – Expatriate Management

Director of the human resources department

  • I develop my activity as HR Director defining and executing the HR area strategy directing all the functions of the department, giving it a modern and dynamic approach to its management, promoting the importance of the area within the organization of the company.
  • Engagement and talent management.
  • Company mergers, employee relations, union relations, company negotiations, collective and sector agreements, being a practicing lawyer with extensive experience in legal matters.

Head of Compensation and benefits for Europe

  • Headhunter – Director of Compensation, Administration and HR Systems and HR Business Partner.
  • VP Compensation and International Mobility Position.
    Dates of employment sea. 2012 – Sept. 2014.
    Duration of employment 2 years and 7 months.
    Location: Madrid.
  • AVP Compensation and International Mobility charge.
    Dates of employment Jul. 2007 – Mar 2012.
    Duration of employment 4 years and 9 months.

HR Consultant-National

  • Completion of the complete HR management cycle, from the search for new clients, contact and monitoring of them, the selection of candidates and the administrative functions that this entails.
  • Analysis, strategy, development, talent, training, CSR.


  • Institute for Training and Employment (IMAFE)
    Name of the Master’s Degree.
    Academic discipline Human Resources Management – Human Resources Management.
    Dates of studies or expected graduation date 2010 – 2011.
  • Autonomous University of Madrid
    Name of the Master’s Degree.
    Academic discipline Forensic Psychologist Examination – Master of Forensic Sciences.
    Dates of studies or expected graduation date 2005 – 2007.
  • Autonomous University of Madrid
    Name of the Bachelor’s Degree.
    Academic discipline Psychology.
    Study dates or expected graduation date 1999 – 2005.