Reposition service


We Can Outplace You.

We offer out-placement service for your best professionals who due to various circumstances in the market you have had to give up on them, we advise and accompany you in the job search.

Benefits to the company

  • Facilitate the attraction of talent, position itself as a professional development generator.
  • Join the world of collaboration by creating a true contact circle.
  • Provide coherence to policies of sustainability, diversity and equality with people’s well-being.
  • Preposition the professional future to economic conflicts.

Benefits for the worker

  • Acquire the ability to efficiently manage the professional career, through expert professionals.
  • Development of the footprint and personal brand. Expand your networking.
  • Reduce the impact on the family and social environment through constant and professional support.
  • Focus on the future, generating the best possible career plan for today and for the next few years.

Industry Features

We offer this service to our customers, and support professionals who must leave their jobs due to market circumstances.

Length of service

Outplacement service is usually six months per candidate.

Total cost

A very competitive cost for seamless out-placement services.

What’s included

  • Market-based resume upgrade.
  • Network.
  • Psychological accompaniment.

Should you need our Out-placement service?

We are continuously working on updating databases of the best candidates, as well as jobs within the industry. If your company wants to keep in full contact with your best talent, this service is for you.