Since 1932 we have been delivering Industry leading water technology and process expertise to solve water challenges. Our solutions are designed and installed to ensure water is safe, reliable and produced sustainably. Our principles of Design / Install / Service is at the core of our business, meeting the needs of our clients across all industry sectors.Job Overview

Main Duties

  • Monitoring equipment and machinery performance and developing preventative maintenance measures. Conducting quality assurance and safety checks on all equipment. Delivering demonstrations to ensure that customers are educated on safe and effective equipment use.

What we are looking for

  • After construction, mechanical engineers are responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the equipment and systems in the treatment plant. This includes performing regular inspections, identifying and fixing problems, and making any necessary upgrades to keep the plant running efficiently.
    1. Design and construction of wastewater treatment systems: 

    Mechanical engineers play a key role in designing and constructing the mechanical systems that are used in wastewater treatment plants. This includes designing the equipment, such as pumps and valves, as well as the piping and pumping systems that transport the wastewater through the plant.

    1. Maintenance and troubleshooting: 

    Mechanical engineers are responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the equipment and systems used in wastewater treatment plants. 

    1. Optimization of treatment processes

    Mechanical engineers work with other engineers and plant operators to optimize This includes identifying ways to improve the performance of the equipment, reduce energy consumption, and minimize the use of chemicals.

    1. Compliance with regulations

    Mechanical engineers must ensure that the equipment and systems used in wastewater treatment plants comply with local, state, and federal regulations. 

    1. Project management: 

    Mechanical engineers are also responsible for managing the construction of wastewater treatment projects, including coordinating with other engineers, contractors, and stakeholders.


Are you a talented individual looking to join our company? Due to our continued success, we have career opportunities on a regular basis and applications are always welcome from Water Treatment Service & Commissioning Engineers and Water Treatment Sales Executives.

We are committed to serving its customers, both in the healthcare and general industry, to fully recognise their requirements and to react to these needs with innovative solutions. This level of service requires our employees to be there for our customers and to excel at meeting their needs.

This is what lies behind our company’s over 90 years in business success. We undertake to protect and care for the welfare and growth of our employees, the environment, our customers and the local communities in which we work.

We welcomes talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to work within the challenging world of the water industry. We recognise that the quality and commitment of our people are vital to the future success of our company

You will form part of a winning team where personal initiative is valued and cultivated. Extensive training will be provided in your area of operation for your success. A key focus of our Human Resources Policy is to attract, retain and develop high potential employees at all levels in the organisation.