Electronics, testing, troubleshooting. These are keywords that describe your position.
Before our products go to the customer, the products are tested. You will therefore
be responsible for this. Are you at home in electronics and do you want to work in a
high-tech environment? Then you might be the reinforcement we are looking for!

What does your position look like?
Your work starts with good preparation. You view the product documentation and are
aware of the test regulations. You set up the test setup and prepare the work. After
this you will actually test the assembled products with the corresponding test. Finally,
you program the assembled systems. You work with different test programs and test
systems on a daily basis. If a test is unexpectedly unsuccessful, you will analyze and
solve the malfunction. You do this on the basis of mechanical drawings,
(complicated) electronic diagrams and the order instruction lists. You register and
replace any defective parts and link them back to production, to improve the
production process. You are also involved in investigating customer complaints at
product level and you do a final visual check before a product goes to the warehouse
for shipment.

Your duties also include:
• Maintaining (intensive) contact with your manager, test engineers or quality
• Completion of test reports and checklists, error registration and improvement forms;
• Participate in proto/pilot discussions;
• Ordering items from the warehouse.
We offer you:
In the role of Tester Module Assembly we offer you a challenging position in a
dynamic and healthy production environment. You will have the opportunity to make
an important contribution to the development and profitability of Neways. We offer
you a position within a highly motivated and collegial working environment with a lot
of freedom for initiatives and room for personal development.
Our ideal candidate recognizes himself in:
As a Module Assembly Tester you have strong analytical skills. You are customeroriented and have strong problem-solving skills. Quality is your top priority. You
know how to easily make contact with colleagues and you have good communication

We also ask:
• a completed MBO/HBO education in the direction of electrical engineering or
• good communication and writing skills in Dutch and English;
• available fulltime.

Who we are:
Neways Electronics International is active in the Electronics Services market. As a
global, decentralized company, we have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the
Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and the United States and more than 2,700 FTE.
Our customers are mainly active in the market segments: industrial, automotive,
medical, defense and semiconductor.
As an employer, we stand for: proactiveness, customer focus, teamwork,
accessibility, improvement, fulfilling ambitions together and being a social
employer, within an international environment.
You will start working at our operating company Neways Advanced Applications:
• Specialisation: full product lifecycle management for electronic modules and
• Customer group: semiconductor, medical;
• Number of employees: 400 FTE;
• Located at Science Park Eindhoven 5004, 5692 EA in Son.