Descripción del puesto:

  • We are looking for a Javascript Software Engineer for our web teams, whose general mission is to refactor the web, dividing it into components with ReactJS.
  • Your responsibilities will include:
  • Iterative development on the actual old-flavored solution, and progressive migration to the new stack.
  • Creation of components with React.js and SUI Framework.
  • Maintenance and documentation of framework components in a guide.
  • Support the backend developers in your team on the implementation of the needed components/APIs.
  • Help and contribute in the application’s architecture definition.
  • Domain-driven design implementation in the provided solutions.
  • Use software processes to ensure the quality of the code.
  • Creation / implementation of tools that can help the frontend, UI and UX teams with the workflow.
  • Special focus on performance.
  • Code review by Pull Request.
    Bonus requirements:
    Javascript Preprocessors (BabelJS)
    Git from the console
    Process Automation (NPM)
    Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Lean, Kanban)
    Domain-Driven Design (DDD)


Experience with Javascript and React, TDD, best practices and agile methodology. Mastery of metrics, product understanding and mentoring skills to more junior profiles of the team.

The teams are multidisciplinary squads of approximately 10 people.

For us it is also very important the softskills component that can be a person who can make proposals for improvements, is used to feedback and is a great team player. These people would be the most senior of the team will have influence on the rest and also within their own domain community, in addition to that we promote that each person within the company can express ideas and decide how things will be done within their project.